Board of Directors & Committees

Sertoma Youth Ranch Governance and Management:

The Ranch is governed by Board of Directors with officers elected and directed by approved By-Laws. The full board meets once per month, and committees meet before official board meetings. The Operations & Maintenance Chair Person, a volunteer as are all Board members, serves as the Ranch Director and oversees the Ranch Manager who is contracted by the Ranch. Nearly all non-routine maintenance and work done at the Ranch is performed by volunteers. When maintenance is beyond the ability of a volunteer, only then is the service contracted.

Red Kreuser, Ranch Manager

July 2018 to Present

Red took over as Manager in July 2018.  Many will remember him as our roving firewood vendor for the past few years, driving around in his Red (what else?) pickup.  He lives in the Residence with his wife, Joy, and their dogs Dunkin, Donut and General, and they enjoy spending time with their extended family.  Say hello when you see them and introduce yourself!

Betty Frantz – President

Ken Stockdill – Vice President

Originally from Pennsylvania, Ken has made Florida his home since the late 1970’s.  He is retired from being the Aquatic Director for the City of Saint Cloud and now is the owner/operator of Consolidated Crane Inspection, Inc.  Ken is right at home at the Ranch being an Eagle Scout in his younger years.  He is currently the co-coordinator for the Will McLean Music Festival held here at the Ranch.

Walter “BUD “ Osborn – Secretary

Bud was born and raised in St Petersburg. He attended St. Petersburg High School, St. Petersburg Jr. College, Fla. State Univ. and Duquesne University School of Business.

He spent fifty years in the Fast Food Industry, and retired from McDonald’s Corp as Vice President of Franchising for Central and South America. He had his own franchises of RAX Restaurants in Hillsborough and Pinellas County as well as in Louisiana.

Bud is an active member of the Inverness Sertoma Club. He has had a perfect attendance record of fourteen plus years, and as an officer for most of those years. Currently he is the club secretary. He has served as the district F.D.R. and received an outstanding award for being one of the top ten F.D.R. in the country. He is currently serving as the governor of the Heart of Florida district, and is also Sertoma Certified Regional Trainer.

One of the reasons Bud felt he could be of a value to the Sertoma Youth Ranch, is his contacts throughout the district. He can serve as a liaison and a “salesman” of the Ranch, to the various clubs in my district. He also has an advantage in that he lives in Inverness and its close proximity to the Ranch makes him somewhat readily available. Having been responsible for conducting most of his club’s fund raisers in recent years, gives him the experience and working knowledge and the ability to help the Ranch.

Joy Kreuser – Treasurer

Phil and his wife, Lynda, retired in 2009 from Boone, North Carolina, where they owned a couple of businesses then moved to Charleston, South Carolina, for an 8 month stay. Upon retiring they became “full-timers” which is the lingo for living in their RV full time. After Charleston they and their two dogs, Vega and Pollux, moved to Keystone Heights, Florida.  They spent 3 years as managers of Sertoma Youth Ranch from 2012 to 2015.  Then they moved back to Keystone Heights to their little house on a lake.  Fishing is good.

Phil is retired Navy serving 22 years and Lynda graduated from Florida State with an accounting degree. Between them they have 4 adult children.

Steve Schadt – Chairman of Maintenance & Operations

Steve is the son of one of the Ranch founders and has been coming to the Ranch since he was a teen and directly involved since 1976. He became a board member in 2000 and is currently the president. Steve is also a charter member of the Ranch Hands Sertoma Club. There is almost no job at the Ranch that Steve has not pitched in with. He has cleaned toilets, mowed grass, cooked in the kitchen, and for a time was the ranch manager. He ran volunteers for 6 years and ran publicity for another 6 years.
Steve stays involved to see the Ranch improve so Florida’s children and youth groups can enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment as he did.

Greg Herndon – Chairman of Marketing & Sales

Greg is the president of Mojoe Productions, which provides sound, stage, and lighting for concerts and events. Greg books all the events, youth groups, ramily reunions, weddings and more that go on at the ranch and manages to keep the schedules and calendars straight.  He’s awesome at working with both large and small gatherings and making sure they are happy customers.  Greg has been on the board since 2004 and is the chairman for Ways and Means Committee. Greg and Roseanne reside in Bradenton, FL.

Larry Ladd – Chairman of Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

Bob Jeannin – Chairman of Fundraising

At 17, Bob was a 4-H Club Leader and Chairman of a 4-H Fair. After a career with General Electric, he was President and Festival Chairman of the Adirondack Bluegrass League.

Following that he was a Deputy Regional Representative for the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Bob Joined the Sertoma Youth Ranch Board in 2012.

Cynthia Ryalls-Celphane –  Chairman of Youth Programs

Ray Morgan

Ray Morgan retired in 1997 from ESI Inc. He was a proud member of Local 67 Heat Frost Insulators Asbestos Workers. Ray has been a member of the Tampa East Sertoma Club since September 1997. In 2001, he joined the Sertoma Youth Ranch and has been a member ever since.

Dianne Schadt

Diane originally fell in love with the back-to-nature environment and has been active at the Ranch since 1993 with her husband and children.

Dianne teaches crafts to the kids.  She likes to get retired teachers and members of her extended family involved in the programs. She has an extensive collection of craft supplies that she creatively uses in her workshops. She would like to see music workshops added for the children so the legacy can be passed along.

Jesse Brown

As a co-founder of Sertoma Youth Ranch back in 1973, Jesse has spent a good part of his life involved with the Sertoma Clubs. He was Charter President for the Hillsborough Sertoma Club starting in 1969, which he repeated 7 times. He has been the District Governor three different times – 1990 to 1993, 2005 to 2007, and 2008 to 2011, Director from 2011 Ranch Board from 1973 to 1985, 1990 to 1992, and is a current member of the board.

He received a very much deserved Sertoma Lifetime National Award in 2012. Also noted is a perfect attendance in the 44 years as a Sertoman.

Besides his Sertoma life, Jesse was in R&D as a Chemical Engineer for rockets and guided missiles from 1956 to 1958. He also owned 3 Auto Parts stores from 1960 to 1981. Most recently he was an insurance agent from 1981 to 2005.

Bill Brehm

Raised in Chicago and moved to Florida in 1996. Spent two years in the army serving with the First Infantry Division in the Republic of Viet Nam. I have worked for United Airlines, Nielsen Media, animal rescue, managed a bar, wrangled horses, etc.  I am proud to be a 20 gallon blood donor. I am a volunteer for Community Radio WMNF where I have been Stage Manager, phone supervisor during membership drive, set up concerts, sold merchandise, and also have done outreach for them.

At SYR I have washed dishes, cleaned, cooked, mopped, served food, mowed, dug, made signs, picked up cans and trash, even helped resupply toilet paper in the port-o-lets, and brought in new volunteers. No matter what I do at the Ranch, I love it. I love Sertoma Youth Ranch and to give my services where needed. I am honored to be on the board.

Mark Barber

Alan Capwell

Ian DeBarry

Tammy Kreuser

This could be YOU…please inquire about becoming a board member